Aveda Hair and Beauty Products at our salon in Tunbridge Wells

At 21… we are committed to using only eco-friendly products therefore we use only Aveda hair, skin and body products.

We must do everything possible to look after our planet, as it’s worth looking after. Our customers share this approach, and this commitment has seen us win environmental awards for business. Our choice of products is not simply ‘greenwash’. We have always led by example and sought out the best products, which share our passion for looking after the planet.

Who are Aveda?

Aveda Corporation is a renowned company specialising in creating and distributing high-quality plant-based hair care, skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products. Founded in 1978, Aveda has built a strong reputation for its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, sourcing ingredients ethically and using largely recyclable packaging. 

Their products, rooted in Ayurvedic principles, are loved for their effectiveness and the sensory experience they offer. This includes popular lines such as the Damage Remedy hair care collection and the Botanical Kinetics skincare range. Aveda’s holistic approach to beauty and wellness has cemented its position as a cosmetic and personal care industry market leader.
Aveda is known not only for its exceptional products but also for its efforts in giving back to the community. 

The brand has a long-standing relationship with local and global charities, supporting various causes such as clean water initiatives and environmental protection projects. Aveda's mission is to care for our world, from their products to how they give back to society. 

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